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Local transportation

Street kid sleeping in the middle of the afternoon. A few hours...

Taylor and Hunter with there teacher in a church.

Granada Roof Tops

Funeral Carriage

Well Spanish classes are harder than i thought, learning all the grammar is hard plus the vocabulary, but will be worth it in the end to be able to understand the people or be able to reply back to them. It is extremely hot here today , but everyday is hot. We have our salsa dancing classes at 4pm today, well see how that goes. My cold shower this morning included a lizard , that was nice. the cold showers are great in the middle of the day , but early mornings are harsh. We did alot of walking around the town.We went to the cemetery, the fort , and walking through some really poor neighborhood. there was a funeral going on while we were in the cemetary , that was interesting to listen to there singing at the service , we also seen the horse pulling the hearse carriage and a man driving the horse and carriage dressed very well. we also seen in that poor area of town two oxen hooked up to a cart, stuff you don´t see everyday. After all that we decided to all pack into a taxi , so flagged one down and hopped in. In the evening we decided to eat out on the street, it was great and another interesting experience. our left overs from supper we ended up feeding a local street guy who had helped us earlier with directions. We have pictures taken with him, now when he sees us on the street he is our new local friend. the girls were back at the school today and each day we learn about the people here. it is quite the learning experience for all of us, especially the girls. they adapted very well here, it is amazing. well that is all for now.


Hi! yesterday we went to the school in the morning.We learned the colors and some words like see u tomorrow.For three hours we learned spanish, and the one last hour we went to the public school .We went into three class rooms one was Gr.3,Gr.k,and Gr.3 again.The out side of the school would equal to 14 of our schools.And in the middle of that is there play ground.ÇThen we went back to our home stay.We ate lunch,It was good.Then we went walking down town to the orphanage,but it was closed, they were washing floors and stuff like that.Then we walked to the fort,the cematary .There was a funeral on when we were there.(it is a fancy cemetary.Then we got a taxi and went to the homestay.We walked from there to the central park , had super.It was good!!While we were eating there was a skinny dog wateing for food to come,he didnt have a home.(there are lots of dogs with out homes, there all over.Then we gave a guy our leftovers because he had no home and,was starving.Then we went down the street and saw guys about 7,13,17,15,16 break dancing for money.(they were really really good)So then we gave them some money .Then we went back home and thet was our day.

Bye Taylor

Yesterday we went to a cemetary and fort from the 15 hundreds. The fort was really nice, when you went up the tower you had a great view of at least 4 volcanos. The cemetery was really big. So big that you couldnt find your way through it. At supper we disided to eat on the street , during supper a 4 year old boy came begging for food but got told he couldnt have ours. Shortly after that he got food so we decided even thow he wanted it he got more than an adult that helped us with dirrections so we gave our meals left overs to him. We now have pics. of him.A while later , when we saw him and took the pics. he started asking us 4 clothing we said no we had already had been generous.while walking back down the street we met up with an old man that i think was drunk because when grandma asked him whre he was from he said earth the same place you are. After that kids trying to make Money were dresseed up as a really tall women and a Little stort guy off of shrek and started danceing to the music another boy was playing with them.later we saw hip hop dancers trying to get music and did very well we donated to them and that was the last to days.

Until next time.


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