Florida Keys 2010 travel blog

We parked the RV outside their house

On Saturday, we visited Tarpon Springs

We attended church in Tampa

Nate who is 7 months old

Olivia and Emma and Matt at the birthday dinner

Sunday - a visit to Ybor City

The buildings were classic



Ybor was a big center of cigar making and now on a...


Rolling a cigar

Hal chooses his cigars

Peggy shows the brick they have in the sidewalk


The man who founded the city.

Ybor history

A neat store where Tom picked out his birthday present.

More classic buildings


A very famous restaurant


Trddy Roosevelt brought his troops here.

Hal is the director of the physical plant at a local prep...

A birthday dinner for Tom

Anne & Tom

After leaving the Manatee Park, we drove to Tampa and arrived around 5PM in Safety Harbor where Tom's sister, Peggy and her husband, Hal live. They were babysitting for their two granddaughters, Olivia and Emma, and their newest grandchild, Nate who is 7 months and on a growth spurt.

Saturday began rainy and cold, but a trip to Tarpon Springs and a great Greek lunch was followed by sunshine. The entire family (son Matt, his wife Kelley and the grandchildren) took Tom out to a birthday dinner.

Sunday was beautiful and we took a trip to Ybor City which was made famous for the "Tampa Cigar" and traces its history to the very early 1900's. The buildings were classic and Hal bought a handful of cigars at his favorite cigar bar.

Another birthday dinner (on the real day) took place to complete a wonderful weekend.

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