Miami Winter Number 5 travel blog

lunch at Gilbert's on Key Largo

band at Gilbert's

view out our window at the hotel

marina next to the hotel

private island is called Palm Island

Blue Green relaxation (kids get yellow!)

cliche of a picture on the Keys of Florida!

resident iguana lived through the extreme cold of last week - others...

my partners in an adventure in the Nature Preserve

doodlebug = ant lion = dragonfly larva! they eat adult dragonflies!

very interesting flower with black seed

letterbox in wheel well of that old truck

letterbox amongst roots of that Kapok tree in Key West

street continues after US 1 ends!

so now I am beginning the trek up Route 1 on the...

dinner is served at Blue Heaven

For my annual stay in a hotel owned by Bluegreen Corporation (where I have a small ownership and points to use each year), Jeanne, Laurie, and I went to the Hammocks at Marathon for two nights. As you can see by the pictures, the hotel views are like being in paradise. Our room didn't have much of a view, however. The reservations were lost so we had to stay in the "emergency" room. That little glitch didn't bother us, however.

On the way down, we stopped to have lunch in a restaurant/tiki bar in Key Largo that was new to Jeanne & Laurie. It is recommended by a few couples from the campground, and it was liked by all three of us.

On Sunday, we went down to Key West. A sports bar was located, prime seats were found at the bar, and we were set to watch the NFL playoff game between the NY Jets and the Indianapolis Colts. I saw the beginning of the game, then went around town to find 3 letterboxes. When I got back, the game was in the 3rd quarter and that's when the Jets stopped scoring and lost the game! Did I jinx it for Laurie? Sorry about that!

After the game, the clouds were in the western sky, so we went straight to the restaurant for dinner. Blue Heaven is in the Bahamian section of town and they say there are chickens and cats in the area. We didn't see any, though. The food was fantastic!

On the way back home on Monday, we stopped in the Fish House in Key Largo for lunch and had another great meal! I do like the light, freshly caught fish of the area!

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