Travels to the Southwest-Fall 2009 travel blog

Along the Trail to McKittrick Canyon

More Views Along the 6.8 Mile Trail

The Madron Trees with Berries

Some Fall Color

More Color

The Pratt Cabin

The Back Porch at the Pratt Cabin

More Trees with Some Color

Some Really Colorful Trees

We drove down to Guadalupe Mountains National Park to hike the 6.8 mile McKittrick Canyon trail and hope to see a few trees changing color. The trail is relatively level as it follows the canyon floor with only a little elevation change. The photos show how beautiful the day was with clear skies and nice temperatures. The trees were indeed changing color even though this had just started. With the blue sky and the canyon rim, the trees were great. The madrone trees had bright red berries. Our first stop was at the Pratt Cabin built in 1930. The cabin is made of stone cut from the canyon walls and the roof is stone also! Since they had electricity at the cabin, it was a really nice place. Further up the trail, we found the Hunter's Cabin built in 1924. The tree colors got better as we headed up to the Hunter's Cabin. After we returned to the trail head, we drove down to the park headquarters and toured the Frijole's Ranch History Museum. The park's mules were stabled at the Frijole's Ranch. A family lived here in the early 1900's and grew vegetable and fruit that they sold in Van Horn, Texas. Unfortunately, the 60 mile wagon trip to Van Horn was a long trip but I would imagine the fresh veggies and fruit would still sell well.

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