Moon On Tour 2005 travel blog

View of Iguassu from Helicopter

Devils Throat

Dyan me and Paula by the falls

Caiman in Argentinian wetlands

Capybara and Caiman

Me in Buenos Aires

La Boca, Buenos Aires

Had a great day on the Argentinian side of the falls. First of all I did a boat ride which involved going under some of the falls so I got really really wet. Therefore spent next part which was a long old walk, completely drenched. in 40+ degrees heat this wasnt all that nice! Had a quick lunch then walked to the Devils Throat part of the falls (the main bit) which really was amazing. After that we had a raft ride down the river (really slowly) and saw some toucans and caiman. As it was so got we were all exhausted after this had had an early night!

We left Iguassu and began the drive to Buenos Aires. On the way we went to the Argentinian wetlands which is like the Pantanal in Brazil. it was a pretty basic campsite with one dodgy shower and shed loads of mosquitos. However, it was very beautiful. that evening had a BBq and a few bevvies. Some of us ended up going to a club which turned out to be someones back garden - there was a band and everything!! Apparantly, its so remote that this is how the locals have a get together by taking it in tuns to host parties. It was wicked!! Felt a bit rough the next day though and Kevin the truck driver even said to me that he and Vicky were worried because I had been so quiet all day!!

We arived in Buenos Aires last night at about 6 after being stuck in a big traffic jam for a couple of hours. Very luxurious to have a hotel room at last. Last night 12 of us managed to get to a great restaurant for steaks - we didnt eat til about midnight though! Then we went to a bar and didnt get home til 4am. And the Bars were still open ! Apparantly all the nite clubs here in BA are still closed after a big fire they had in one around new year.

Today had a nice lie in and then did a city tour in the afternoon which was good to get bearings for the next couple of days. Went inside Boca juniors football stadium (diego maradonas team)and saw the coloured houses in La Boca which was really pretty. BA has a great feel to it - very European. And its so cheap!!! Could easily spend more time here.

Sadly, i still cant get my photos onto this website - tried 3 places tonight and nowhere seems to let you plug in your cameras. A girl on the trip has let me download photos to her laptop so i will try and get them onto a cD and then see if i can put them on that way. Bloody annoying !!

Well, am prob having an early night tonight so i can go shopping tomorrow!

Bye for now

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