Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

Today it has been quite cold all day and the forecast is for tonight’s temperature to drop below freezing. I don’t enjoy the cold temperatures but am thankful that I don’t live in the snow belt!

I’ve been scanning old Cen-Tex LoW documents (minutes of meetings, newsletters, etc.) for several days. I plan to upload the scanned files to our Yahoo! Groups site so all the members can have access to them. Then I’ll throw away the hard copies unless someone in the club wants them. I just don’t have room in my rig to store them.

I guess all this scanning made my printer/copier/scanner tired because it suddenly refused to work. I rebooted my computer but that didn’t help. Then I decided to defrag the hard drive (which I need to do periodically anyway). Finally, I uninstalled the printer and re-installed it. That took care of the problem but I still have to let it rest periodically to keep it from freezing up again. Grrr! These picky machines!

Carl and Bonnie called me this afternoon. They were getting ready to have spaghetti for lunch and then go visit Bonnie’s mother in the nursing home. Her mother is doing much better now that she is on different medication.

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