Through Foreign Eyes - Spring/Summer 2009 travel blog

The drive here was uneventful - no complaints about that. This is the part of the drive where we are coasting downhill and the west wind is supposed to be pushing us along boosting the gas mileage. Instead we were buffeted by winds from the south making the intrepid driver feel like he was steering a bucking bronco. It is nice to see that the price of oil is going down again, just in time for the drive home.

We made a quick stop at Wall Drugs on the way here. It's almost illegal to cross South Dakota and not stop at Wall Drugs. This venerable institution began as a drug store and put up billboards all along I-90 luring drivers to stop with the promise of free ice water. This was in the days before A/C and those billboards did the trick. These days Wall Drugs is a huge complex with a restaurant and an extensive collection of western ware for sale. Candy, post cards, and other tourist knick knacks are bountiful here as well. This nowhere spot has made itself into a somewhere place. We could hardly find a place to park.

We are tucked behind a motel. In this unpopulated part of the world combination motel/campgrounds make a lot of sense. Why have two check-in clerks when so little is happening that the one clerk is snoozing in front of the TV. We lost an hour getting here and are back in the CST where all the TV shows come on at the right time. The humidity is getting higher. A thick layer of bugs has shellaced the windshield. It's beginning to feel like home.

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