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Our tiny 5-seater plane to see the Nazca Lines

Us up in the air!

One of the many pictorals of the Nazca Lines, this one a...

Hummingbird (for more of the line pictorals, check out the rest of...

Ravi --

What better way to follow an evening on a roller coaster dune buggy ride (fyi, I NEVER go on roller coasters because of my weak stomach) than a choppy, 5-seater airplane?

Those of you who saw the latest Indiana Jones flick this summer have heard of the Nazca Lines. About 1500 years ago, the Nazca people had great mathematical skills, with aqueducts and irrigation still in use today. Their claim to fame, however, are the hundreds of drawings and geometrical shapes strewn across the desert.

As you can see in the pictures, these aren´t just a line of two here and there, but amazing pictorals, some nearly a 100 meters long, shapes that one can appreciate ONLY from the air. The Nazca people themselves never saw what their final product looked like, and no one today knows exactly why they were created: most likely for religious ceremonies and offerings to the Gods, though some have postulated extra-terrestial influences.

Regardless, they were one of the most fascinating things I´ve ever seen in my life. Our 35-minute flight over the lines in the small aircraft (pilot and five passengers) offered some of the most amazing aerial views I´ve witnessed, which says a lot for me! And, luckily, the plane wasn´t as choppy and stomach churning as I had been warned (though nearly overdosing on meclizine that day in anticipation might have had something ot do with that!).

Tim and I hung around the sleepy and dusty town of Nazca the remainder of the day before our night bus out of the region.

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