Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

On Tues. we rose before the sun to drive over and find Belle Starrs. We drove thru more beautiful mountains, for many hours, and finally arrived at the Silverado Ranch! It is a good thing we had the GPS, because no one had ever heard of it.

It was exactly as I imagined it. And, so was Belle. She welcomed us in to sit and visit, having no idea who in the world we were. What a lady! We talked for an hour or so, about what we wanted to do. To come down and stay for awhile, and help her around the ranch. She was very grateful, and happy to have us. She had a ranch hand, but he left and went to Utah. She has been taking care of, from what we could see, probably 40-50 horses, and 30-40 miniature horses and donkeys. Several birds of various species, several dogs and cats, and anything else that wandered in and needed to be taken care of. Yes, that includes starving mexicans looking for a better life for their families.

The ranch is 6 miles from the border.

Belle is very crippled from MS, but it certainly doesn't slow her down much. She is so full of life, and has plans that keep her busy for many years. She told us that the animals keep her alive, and I believe her. But, I also know that she keeps the animals alive, and I fear for their fate if she were to pass on.

She told us much of her history, and I think she was quite a pistol in her younger days!

It will not be a fancy place to stay, but we are really looking forward to it. There is much work to do, if any of you are looking for something to fill your time with HaHa. I will post pictures when we are staying there.

We are having a great time, and seeing many things and meeting many great people. Pete had said he knew we would never come back, because we are having such a good time. Don't worry. We miss everyone and nothing can take the place of our family and friends!

We love and miss you!

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