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Countryside along an Idaho road

Today is 6th day and we are on our way to Boise, Idaho. First thing this morning went to U Lazy U Farms and picked fresh corn for our Shabbat meal and cut some flowers for our Shabbat table. The dogs had a great romp in the corn fields! (Oh yes, we brought our two dogs, Ginny & Cricket, with us!) Right now we're stopped in Yakima, WA where Frances is trying to find an eye doctor that can check the pressure in her eyes. Shortly before we left on this mission her own doctor informed her that she had a very aggressive form of glaucoma and would need to closely monitor her eye pressure while on this trip. It's a trial for her as she is very light sensitive and suffering with aching eyes. Remember her need in your prayers for us please.

Washington was the first state capitol that we got to make the proclamation during business hours. There were few people around though and those that did pass us ignored what we were doing except when Steve & Frances played the shofars. That got some attention! The sound of the shofars was especially thrilling as they rang out a real clarion call!

When we were writing Torah this morning an understanding came to us that we'd like to share with you, it is from Gen 35:18. Rachel died at the birth of Benjamin. What we saw was this; "Rachel's soul departed because she died." The word used here for "died" is the same root as the word for unclean -tamai, that which takes away from revealing the image of YHVH in us. This is simplistic understanding of course, the breath of YHVH - our life - leaves us and all that is left is the vessel the breath of life inhabited. This becomes unclean because it has no life in it. No YHVH is present, there is only the dust from which we were created. There are explicit instructions in Torah about dealing with unclean things. YHVH is life and He wants us in relationship with Him therefore we separate and purify and consecrate ourselves from the unclean things so we can be back in fellowship with Him. Now take this understanding to another level - that of Babylon. The Spirit of YHVH has and/or is in the process of leaving Babylon / USA et al, and when the Spirit of Life leaves the body or in this case the nation, it dies because the Spirit of YHVH has departed. We, as YHVH's set-apart ones, are to come out of her, flee, partake not of the unclean thing, because it is death. We cannot remain in relationship with YHVH if we chose to remain in the unclean thing, in this case the nation.

YHVH will save many through martyrdom if we don't deny Him by becoming betrayers. A few will escape and endure until the end. Some will heed His warning and flee Babylon before it is too late. He knows the portion appointed to all men, we just need to be sure and know who our Redeemer is, no doubts! Rev 14:13 is a thought to meditate on. Prepare yourself to be a good martyr!

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