Day by Day with Daisy 2008-09 travel blog

This morning I got myself in gear so I could get to the laundry before it got beastly hot.

Then I stopped at RadioShack to get a USB-A male to mini USB-B male cable. When I tried it with my external hard drive, I couldn’t access anything on the drive. I could see it listed in My Computer but the icon looked different. Aarrgghh!!! There’s always something to try my patience. After I had rebooted my computer, it worked fine.

The most important errand was a haircut. What a relief! Because my hair is wavy, it starts acting squirrelly after about six weeks and it drives me crazy. Beth cut it a little bit shorter than she normally does because I will be leaving on my long trip this Sunday afternoon. I’ll still have to get it cut at least once while I’m gone, though.

Tonight Glenn, David and Judy came over to my place. Glenn and David installed a brace on my TV to keep it secure. This TV is smaller than the original one, so there is extra room in the cabinet and it was at risk for falling out while I’m traveling. Then they repaired my kitchen faucet. All it needed was a new ‘O’ ring. I’ll return the new faucet to Home Depot for a refund.

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