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another view

La Paz is an up and coming town that is only on the radar of the experienced Mexican traveler. Perhaps this was why our flight was 3/4 full and we could overhear passengers around us muttering about how happy they were to be going to La Paz rather than nearby Cabo San Lucas. Cruise ships stop in Cabo and it has been a favorite of ours for many years. We’ve only been to La Paz once before and we spent the day wandering around wondering what there was to do. It will be interesting to see how much has changed in the last three years. Our purpose in being here this time is to rendezvous with three other couples to pick up a sail boat and sail the inland Sea of Cortez.

The airport was small and typically inefficient in a Mexican sort of way. There was no jet way and we stood in the hot sun waiting to go inside the terminal for document check. The luggage arrived about the same time we were officially admitted to the country and we stood in another line to run our bags through a giant screening machine. This is the only country we have visited that checks bags going into the country. We wondered what objectionable things they thought we were bringing in. Ironic when we think of Mexico as a country which smuggles undesirable material into our country,

Our condo was a short and easy drive from the airport and a few miles from the downtown. Our landlord looks to be about our age and lives across the street. He sailed here from the US five years ago and never went back. Our condo is less than a year old. This is an advantage in that everything looks clean and works, but also means that it is not full of stuff that other tourists have bought and left here over the years. For example, a few lawn chairs would be nice to take to the beach and use on the terrace overlooking the pool. Usually we find an ice chest we can use for picnics and pool toys as well. It will be up to us to start the collection.

A good sized grocery store is less than a mile away. To go there we drive down our paved road to a dirt road to a paved road. It appears that parts of the final paved road are one way. We did not see any signs telling us so, but the cars coming straight toward us provided strong clues.

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