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We left Rochester for the second time in four days this morning. People are sure proud of their corn out here. First its about all that's planted along the roads and we even saw a water tank shaped and painted like a corn cob. We drove six hours along the Ingalls Historic Highway. Places that all you Laura fans will recall - Mankato, Sleepy Eye, Walnut Grove, and Plum Creek were all places we passed. The first two are small cities while Walnut Grove is not much more than a crossroad with a small museum.

We also passed many small towns with populations not much bigger than our neighborhood in Greece. Funny comment of the day "I'm sick of all the green" by Annie talking about the fact that in western Minnesota and South Dakota about all you see are fields of grass or crops. She also mentioned how much her friend Jean would appreciate all this and probably be breathless.

When we got to De Smet, South Dakota around 2pm and stopped at the Ingall's Homestead. This is the 160 acre farm Charles Ingalls homesteaded after moving from Walnut Grove. They had several displays of their dug out house, cabin, barn, and schoolhouse. In the schoolhouse, reached by a covered wagon ride, the kids dressed up in 1880 clothing and were taught a lesson by a local teacher about school in that era. The kids actually got to drive the team of horses pulling the covered wagon. At several points they got the horses to run. They thought this was a riot. The Amish girls in our group were laughing as well as we city slickers were grossed out when the horses had a BM right in front of us. The Amish girls were on a tour similar to ours - Yellowstone, etc. We talked about maybe seeing them again over the next couple of days.

The kids were surprised how small the family's homes were - the earliest one was only 8'x8'.

After the tour, we went to dinner at a local diner. We think we were the largest "crowd" they ever served. But the waitress was great and even found a fresh bottle of Italian dressing when Annie insisted she didn't like their normal offerings.

We're spending the night at Lake Thompson recreation area. This is the largest lake in South Dakota and the campground is just a few years old it seems. Good thing there is electric at the sites because it was about 90 when we pulled in and the night would be brutal without our AC. Some campers we are! Chris took the kids swimming about 8pm. There was seaweed on the beach so it was a short swim.

As I close this, Annie is killing the 1,000 flying bugs she just let in the trailer when she went outside for a "moment". She's like a fool swinging the fly swatter. The keyboard is getting full of dead insects.

Anyway, talk to you later.

Love, The Angelucci's.

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