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Are they really mountains? Yep - probably 100 miles away

Long road

Rock Hills

Lots of Windmills

Our new digs!

Pool, Jacuzzi, Mini golf, Where do I start??

We made it to Arizona City!!! A long ride across Texas. Just a couple of hours across New Mexico. Some very beautiful scenery, just very hard to capture in a picture. You can see mountains for hours before you reach them. The Prarie lands are amazing. I don't know how our ancesters ever crossed them on horseback or wagons. You can drive for hours without seeing a crossroad or house. Lots of fences though and you see a few cows and horses here and there. The rocks are neat, you can drive along on the prarie for hours then you find these hills of rocks. Seems like you could just see Indians coming on top of the rock hills.

We're here now and it is around 92 and should be in the 80's all week. We took a swim in the pool around 11:00 and the water was great. The park is very nice and has lots of things to do. I think we will like it here. Thank the Lord for this. Now maybe sanity will return. Ha! Ha!!!!!

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