2008 Midwest USA travel blog

The Governor's Palace

The courthouse

Inside the courthouse

The Magazine or Armory

Contents of the Magazine

More guns in the magazine

The Capitol

Dean Shostak playing the 1824 Grand Harmonicon

Dean playing the Glass Violin

Dean playing the Cristal Bashet

The Glass Armonica invented by Ben Franklin in 1761

Close-up of the Glass Armonica showing the different glass bowls.

The start of a glass vase

After a couple of puffs

Spreading the mouth

Making the scalloped edge

Pretty well finished product

Very large monument commemorating the establishment of Jamestown in 1607

John Smith statue at Jamestown

Pocahontas statue at Jamestown

Archeologists at work at Jamestown

We didn't get here until a little after 6:00 Friday evening. It was a long day. We left Pinch Pond a little before 9:00 a.m. but had to stop for gas before getting on the PA turnpike for the last time. Good news - the gas was only 3.55; bad news - it took almost 30 minutes to get a little over 58 gallons pumped in so we were running late and hadn't really got started yet!! We stopped at Gettysburg to see the battlefield which took a little over three hours and that was rushed. Boy, there is a lot to see there, especially if you are a Civil War buff, which thankfully, I am not. We saw the movie they have that is narrated by Morgan Freeman and it was an excellent "get acquainted" with Gettysburg and its importance in the Civil War. We then unhooked Libby and took the self-guided "auto tour." We had purchased a CD which narrates the tour for you and it made the tour really worthwhile. I didn't get any pictures as I forgot and left the camera in the motorhome. I don't think pictures could have done it justice though as you needed to actually see the relationships between the ridges and meadows the battles were fought on.

After the auto tour we hooked Libby back up and came on to Glen Allen which is just above Richmond. The trip was uneventful just slow due to all of the traffic - and we didn't even get close to D.C. as we stayed west of it until we got south of it then came on over to I95. Way too many people - I am ready to go back to the Dakotas where the largest city only has 60,000 population. It's also much hotter here than we are used to. We even have the A/C turned on and we haven't needed it for quite a while!

Saturday and Sunday we didn't do much but just relax. Misty came down from D.C. and spent Saturday night and most of Sunday with us. It was great to see her again. Her classes don't start for awhile so she is busy getting ready to start a new school for the second year in a row.

Monday and Tuesday were both spent doing the tourist thing in the Williamsburg area. Most of our time was spent in Colonial Williamsburg,

but we also made it over to Jamestown.

We were able to tour most of the historic homes/sites and learned a lot. I had never realized how large a part the Virginia Colony played in our history. We also hadn't realized just how big it physically was, stretching all the way to the midwest and west.

The highlight of the Colonial Williamsburg tour was attending Dean Shostak's Crystal Concert. Please click on the link a see some of the things this amazing guy is doing. Click on the Services link and then the Crystal Concert link to see what we saw. You can click on the More Info link to learn more about the individual instruments. How many of you know that Ben Franklin invented a new musical instrument based on the sounds you get by rubbing your wet finger around the rim of a crystal glass? It was called the Glass Armonica

and was the rage of his time. If you look at the close-up picture of it you will notice that some of the bowls have gold rims and some are clear. Similar to the keys on a piano, the gold bowls represent the black keys and the clear ones, the white keys. There are 44 bowls representing half of the keys on a piano.

We filled up the Jeep last night for 3.46 but it will be higher in NC. This morning we head to Fayetteville, NC, our next to last stop before home. :(

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