First Winter Away - 2005 travel blog

Feeble rays of sunshine poke through the windows and we are pleased to realize that we have survived the single digit temperatures in our trailer. On TV we can see that the main roads have been salted and traffic is moving. We enjoy the free muffins and coffee this campground offers and slide out of our campsite and on to the road. Driving is not too bad at first. We try not to be distracted by all the vehicles in the ditches and the deep gashes sliding trucks have left in the grass. The sun glistens on the ice coated tree branches. Too bad we are not in a mind set to enjoy this scenery. The pace is slow since ice patches continue to pop up randomly. The temperature creeps up and clouds thicken once again. As we proceed west they descend to the ground and we are picking our way through a thick fog. What else can Mother Nature throw at us? As we reach Amarillo TX she decides to give us a break. The fog clears, the temperatures rises to 50 and the drive suddenly becomes a pleasure. We stop at a campground on old Route 66 that offers to deliver dinner to our trailer. We appreciate the thought, but have had enough of spending time in our vehicles. All our water lines are functioning properly and Ken is able to use the hose once again and removes the outer layer of dust and salt that has encased us the last 24 hours. 441 miles

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