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We sadly come to grips with the fact that our voyage is over all too soon. Despite all the weather set-backs, it is always nice to be pampered 24/7. Soon, it's back to the harsh reality of making our own bed, cooking meals, and doing dishes.

Well, maybe not so fast? We had a nice leisurely breakfast knowing full well the ship debarkation process would be slow. We had just returned to our stateroom to slip the last few things in our bags when Mark, the Cruise Director, came on the PA again and "bravely" announced the Port of Galveston was closed due to high winds. The weather channel showed winds at 15 mph; that would be a balmy breeze in Oklahoma. Anyway, we settled in for the wait so they could navigate our behemoth vessel up the channel.

Shortly, we felt the movement and we were on our way in to port. The debarkation process was more orderly than we expected; it helps if you can carry all your luggage off. We crawled along the snake line and we were through Customs pronto. The temperatures had warmed to about 45 degrees and many passengers were flying home to snow and ice. Others from warmer climes had donned anything to stay warm; a bathrobe was a good substitute for a jacket for the girls in front of us in line at Customs.

We grabbed a cab back to the Baymont and reclaimed our Jeep and hit the road bound for Rockport. We decided to drive out a ways before stopping for lunch. In Bay City, Joe spotted a Chili's and we had a late lunch there. Then, it was pedal to the metal and we were back at the motor home shortly before 5 o'clock.

We were stuffed from a week of overeating so it was easy to please us for supper. I tackled a couple of loads of wash while Joe re-set the computers. Tomorrow, we get Foxy out of 'jail' and resume our sedate life on wheels.

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