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We were thrilled to camp on the beach at Port Aransas and enjoy the Sand Sculpture Festival. We were less thrilled to wait in line ninety minutes to get off the island on the ferry. It felt like everyone at the festival chose the same exact moment to move out. The ferries are not large and 75% of the waiting traffic was big RV's such as ours. Some of the RV's pulled large trailers. We guess that they belonged to the vendors at the festival. Luckily the next destination was less than thirty miles away. The campground at Goose Island State Park was full over the weekend, but all the prime beach front real estate was ours for the taking when we pulled in at noon. We are camped on the water once again, but the surface is crushed shells rather than sand. Each site has a picnic table with a shelter and a grill and water and electricity.

Our fellow campers all appear to be geezers such as ourselves and fishing is the primary activity. A large pier juts far out into the shallow water and is lined with sinks and fresh water lines for cleaning the catch. The pier also has illumination for night angling. Fishing is generally not a very energetic activity and our neighbors managed to do it while reclined in their lawn chairs without bothering to walk to the pier. The weather forecast was wrong once again and the clouds which threatened rain disappeared and a breeze kept things comfortable and the mosquitoes at bay.

This is our last evening camping with George and Judy, our new friends from the Yucatan caravan, and they took us to a favorite restaurant in Rockport called the Boiling Pot. It was in a nondescript building that we would never have given a second look if our friends hadn't been there before. The dining table was covered with white sheets of paper and our food order - boiled seafood, corn, sausage, and potatoes were spilled onto that paper.No plates or silver ware were provided. We used wooden mallets to smash the crab open and our fingers were greasy with fish juice and melted butter. Not a classy place, but extremely yummy. Once we are alone, I may have to relearn how to cook....

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