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good-by Kauai

the ubiquitous Caliber

our new Maui condo

Our final transfer before the mega transfer back home went smoothly. Although we only had 200 miles to fly, a stop over in Honolulu added some extra plane time. We booked a compact car in Oahu, Kauai, and here in Maui. There are only two of us with excessive luggage - what more would we need? In Honolulu our compact car was a Grand Marquis, a huge landcruiser of a car with a large back seat that accomodated our friends comfortably and had a trunk big enough to take their luggage to the airport. Ken has an easier time parking our pick up truck in Chicago than maneuvering that behemoth through the parking garage. In Kauai our compact car was a Caliber. It too, was reasonably large and it felt like every tourist to Kauai must have rented this same car. The colors may have varied some, but in the small condo complex where we stayed there were five Calibers parked there regularly. It really trained us to pay attention to where we parked wherever we went. Recognizing the car did not suffice, because there were so many like it. Here in Maui we finally have what I would consider a compact car, a Neon.

If being in Honolulu felt like being in a tropical Chicago, Kauai felt like downstate Illinois. Here in Maui we have returned to the suburbs. The grocery stores are huge, the roads multi lane, and the parking lots are spacious. We are staying about a block from the beach, but the crashing waves are no longer within our view on the lanai. There seems to be much more competition for our business here than in Kauai. Our tourist literature is crammed with coupons and deals.

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