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Ballgame stadium-the aim was to get the 8 inch ball through those...

Grave stones of the sacrificed captains


The Turtle

The don't skimp on the drinks here!

Restored Mayan temple

Well, you will be pleased to know that my bag finally turned up! Not without a great deal of hassle and inconvenience though. I spent most of yesterday calling and waiting for American Airlines to get their act together, contacting my travel insurance etc.

Eventually it seemed that my bag was unlikely to appear for days (if at all!) so I set off to Walmart again and bought some clothes etc to keep me going. Of course when I got back to the hotel in the evening, voila, there was my bag. I have never been so excited to see a bag in my entire life :) Needless to say I left my Mexican ensembles that I had purchased behind...

So in the end I really didn't get to see much of Cancun at all! I joined up with my tour last night there and we left this morning. There are 12 of us on the tour, mostly from London, a couple from Switzerland and one girl from Melbourne. I have been nicknamed the Turtle...carrying my home on my back and am hardly visible from the assortment of bags I carry with me from place to place. I have a very real concern that I might come home a few inches shorter than when I left (and we all know I don't have any inches to spare!).

Took a 3 hour bus ride south west to Chichen Itza today to see the Mayan Ruins, including the ballgame stadium where, way back when, the captain of the winning team would be beheaded and sacrificed. Not much incentive to win there! Following that I headed down to Merida where I'll be for a couple of days.

The weather here is Mexico is absolutely roasting, no idea of the actual temperature but I am guessing in the high 30's with humidity about 110%. I feel constantly sticky and sweaty (gross, I know) and have about 3 showers a day just to try and cool down.

Everything is pretty cheap to buy, AU$1 gets you about N$9 (Mexican dollars) and it costs about AU$6 for dinner and AU$2 for beer. The only thing I have found that is exhorbitantly priced is phone calls, AU$7 a minute to call home! So no one should be expecting a call anytime soon!!

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