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Long Neck Karen Tribe

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Welcome beer upon entering Laos

Sorry all. It's been a very long time since the last entry. We have had such long hot days that we didn't feel like searching for an internet cafe and sitting at a computer. Lots has happened since the last entry from Chang Mai.

Our trip to Northern Thailand was a great success. We experienced an working elephant camp and took a ride throught the jungle and down a river on a huge one. What a blast. Such gently creatures. We then visited some hill tribes. The first was an Aka Tribe. The ladies chew this horrible looking red type tabacco. Their mouth is all gummed up with the stuff. It really kinda gross. I do have pictures but I keep forgetting to bring my cables with me to the cafe. Will try tonight. Anyway the next tribe was the Long Neck Karen tribe. The females wrap brass rings around their necks and knees. Each year they get older they add another one. They say it all began many years ago to keep the tigers from bitting the necks of the females in the tribes.

I felt quite odd visiting these tribes, I must say. Walking through looking at them like they were Museum freaks. I suppose this is the only way that they can earn any income.

We also took two long tail boat rides. One was on the Mae Kok River and the other was on the Mae Kong River. The second we took the boat into Laos. We visited a tribe there as well. Bought some souveniers, one of which was cobra whiskey. I won't be drinking it though, Tom tried it and nearly fell over.

We also did the real touristy thing and visited a couple of Jade factories and an Orchid farm very pretty but....lets get on with the adventures.

We made a trip to the Opium Museum. It was interesting....Tom just wanted to smoke some. Our hotel in Chaing Rai was horrible, thank god we only stayed one night. Very old and stinky. I have encountered many of the squatter toilets. Don't like those! The raw sewage runs directly into the rivers. So make note if you come here don't eat river fish....yuck!

Our tour guide was pretty good. But our personal driver was excellent. He attended to our every need. Each time we made a washroom stop he was always waiting for me with a lovely sented wash cloth. It was great doing the private tour we could adjust the visits to our liking, as with a big tour it's not possible.

We left the North on the 5th for Koh Samui. We stayed at a nice little resort on the north side as we wanted to be close to the Ferry for the next day. We ended up taking a fast catamaran boat to Koh Tao which was great.

So here we are now in Koh Tao. What a lovely laid back little Island. I am sitting here along in the internet cafe as Tom is back laying on a beach chair back at the resort. Why you might ask.... because he's hung over. We met a fun couple from Ireland and hung out with them all evening. Tom over indulged in the Red Bull and Vodka. We found a nice little Thai Pizza place. Actually quite upscale for most of the places here. We had dinner with Declan and Natalie ( our Irish friends ) The restaurant had good Argentinian red wine....Yeh! We had drinks and a bottle of wine with a pizza each and the bill for 4 of us came to $50 CAN.

Our resort is sooooo cool. It's little villas huts built into rocks and jungle. Ours is like a tree house. It is a really neet outdoor shower and toilet(a normal one). Have pics of that as well. Hopefully we can download some tonight.

I am suppose to do my open water dive course over the next couple of days. Still nervous about it. We'll see.

Well I had better get back to Tom with his coffee and gatorade.

FYI.....Life is wonderful in Thailand. I really don't want to ever go back to Canada ( I do miss Gizzie though, there are so many stray dogs here)

Talk to you soon.


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