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Preparing a snack of boiled silkworms to offer us

Tablet woven monks belt, did not have tablets setup

Pictures to post: basket, silk drum, plaid warp chains

On the next morning to Baan Nhong Hong to see basketry. Interesting way of doing lined baskets. They wove the inside first and then the detailed outside second. Will post picture later of basket halfway done.

Walked down the street and found plaid material underway. Two different ways of winding the warp chains. One had the plaid within the warp chain. The second had the warp chains wound separately. One was black and the other had the colors. Same result in fabric just different techniques of putting the thread on the loom.

Walking back down the other way fellow pulled us into his house to the back. His wife had the sericulture thing going. Reeling silk onto a wooden drum, separating out lessor quality of silk from fine silk. Offered us a snack of steamed silk worms.

Back on the bus to Ban Pu - instead of following the crowd to shop (again) I went looking for more weaving gizmos. Found older woman winding mud mee. She pulled out the obligatory mud mee skirt panels but also pulled out some tablet woven golden soft exquisite yellow belts....went immediatley to pull translator from the shopping crowd and asked her if she made them and what they were for. They were monk's belts made for merit. We asked her to see her equipment and she had teak or mahagony cards and beater made by her husband (passed away). Went and found D Fraser to see how unusual since the finish and braids were magnificant. My hunch was right, very unusual. Unfortunately she did not have the tablets threaded. She set up an example and was doing something very interesting with bamboo skewers holding some type of twist behind the cards. Someone who knows how to cardweave needs to go back to this woman and photograph her work!

We pressed on to our ferry crossing into Laos. Changed from our Thai tour bus to a Lao tour bus and then took the Lao ferry over into Laos. Typical Lao weather, the skys opened up on us in a torrent. Great wet fun had by all as we were soaked in the middle of the Mekong. I'm wet and muddy, I must be in Laos.

Went on to Savannakhet and stayed overnight at the Hong Thip Hotel.

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