20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Two nights in Xi'an but no trip to terracotta warriors or other tourist attractions this time, I actually had to do some work. Driver arrived on time to take us to the Xi'an factory but seamed to get hideously lost on the way there. A few phone calls were made and a few locals asked directions before we eventually ended up where we needed to be. we later found out that the driver had actualy been sent from the factory and had started from there so his sense of direction was a bit lacking. To get back we split into two cars as the reps for the agent and supplier were heading straight to the airport for Beijing. They kindly gave us the same driver as the morning who took a very tortuous route back to Xi'an city centre and the hotel. We eventually pulled in at exactly 8pm, the exact time that free drinks were supposed to stop in the lounge. Fortunately the lounge manager seamed to be in a particularly good mood and served us a beer and then continued serving well beyond the normal closing time.

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