The approach road shows the wonderful tree lined road, typical of the...

Gated for your protection

5 mph so nobody gets hurt and you take it easy here.

lots of people walk, but also many drive golf carts here in...

nice store, have fresh ice cream

Wow, she found Dave's size of cone,

lots to do here, better get busy

we like golf.

we like pickle ball, too

we like swimming

kids like swimming.

we like fishing in the lake, catch and release only.

trumpet vine flowers are waning

a new color of dragon fly for us.

Fathers day weekend it was busy here. nearly full

kids like fishing, here for small panfish.

We seem to be moving awfully fast or not updating the journal as often as we move. When you see several updates all at once it because the data connection or WIFI is poor and we have to wait to update till we get to the new location. Such is the case now, Forest Lake the connection wasn't good, cause we're so far out in the booooonies. So we had to wait till we stopped here for an update.

This drive from Lexington to Glenns, VA was 335 miles! Wow, way over what we normally like to do, but here we are and glad of it. Dave is especially glad to have Rebecca switch off as a driver. It takes the load off and he gets to enjoy some of the scenery.

This stop begins 5 weeks of touring with our grandson Kyle, he's from Reno, NV. We pick him up at the airport on the afternoon of the 18th. We'll set him up with his own journal on line for his recording of his exploits for the next few weeks. So, stay tuned and see what we tour. It's all for your reading pleasure, too...

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