Parked at the Quechan Indian Casino, about 30 other coaches parked with...

It's free to park here, just keep the area clean and uncluttered

Store fronts down the street from the dentist office.

The pharmacy sale board.

inside it's clean and professional

and it's busy.

We had to move to the casino just for one night, Rebecca had a short appt with dentist on Monday the 19th. Rebecca's crown wasn't ready on time so we had to leave the park as there were reservations against our space. We drove the 15 miles over to the Quechan Indian casino which is about 1/2 mile from the Mexican border town of Algodones we go to.

When Rebecca was finished with getting her crown put on, we departed the area about 11:30 a.m. and "hit the road".

We've been waiting for this time to get going east to our final destination at Augusta, GA to see our oldest son, David.

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