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Marilyn & I were up at 5:00 this morning planning time to share our morning coffee before getting on the road.

We soon finished off the coffee and completed our pre-departure chores. We then left Rolling Retreats in Elk City, Oklahoma a few minutes before 8:00 this morning.

The only “pucker factor” during the entire trip was going through Oklahoma City, with the traffic. We stopped for fuel before leaving Oklahoma and took enough time to eat a Subway Sandwich.

I disconnected the car from the RV and Marilyn followed me the rest of the way to Topeka. It was about a quarter ‘til twelve noon when we crossed the state line and entered the fine state of Kansas.

The weather was great and the traffic was light as we made good time in our seven hour drive today.

The only frustration came when we exited the Kansas Turnpike to follow I-70 West for a short distance. We had to pay a toll but there was no attendant at the booth so I had to exit the truck and stand at the kiosk, read directions printed on the wall. “Step One” Insert your ticket in the slot (Any Direction) Then read the dollar amount on the screen. “Step Two” Insert dollar amount or credit card into the proper slot (There is a separate slot for dollars and one for credit cards). “Step Three” Receive change at the ‘Change Tray”. “Step Four” Press button for a receipt. Take your receipt.

I inserted my ticket, and then tried to put in a $20.00 bill which the printing on the wall says is acceptable. My total for the turnpike travel was $21.50 so I had to use my credit card and then take my receipt. I then had to jump back into the truck and pull forward to a point where I could pull off the highway.

By this time, Marilyn was at the kiosk trying to figure out what to do, so I ran back to the kiosk, took her ticket and went through the process once again, only this time it accepted the $20 bill I put into the machine and the machine promptly returned $10 in change. I grabbed the receipt, waved to the person waiting patiently in line behind Marilyn, and ran back to my truck.

Wasn’t that fun?

We were set up by 4:30 and relaxed with a bite to eat and the TV.

Life is Good!

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