For all my birding friends, this is a pair of Egyptian Geese...a...

Closer view..

One more..

This beautiful lake was loaded with a lot of ducks too, we...

Our awesome guide and host, Christa, talking to Jerry..

Loved this beautiful palace, it is now a museum and more...

Houses are painted with butterflies all over town because they have a...

Another view..


Christi explaining the bus schedule for us...and where we need to get...

We rode all around Bendorf checking it out..

Last one, a new friend on the bus..:-)

We enjoyed our walking tour with Christi today, she showed us all around town. She also showed us a butterfly garden we plan to return to. We loved the lake and the park. I am adding pictures of several Egyptian Geese, new birds for my bird list. I also added my first Jackdaw, a bird in the crow family as well as an Eurasian Blackbird. This blackbird has a bright orange beak and a beautiful voice, he sounds like a robin to me. We will be making a lot of repeat trips to this awesome lake, it is perfect for birding and it’s right around the corner from our apartment. I am now up to 414 different species of birds on my list.

We also walked by the palace of Sayn, the palace is from the Middle Ages, but was extremely damaged in the 2nd world war. It was reconstructed during the last years. There’s a museum of ornamental cast-iron inside the castle that shows all kinds of iron artifacts. Also included in the entrance fee for this museum is the Chamber of the Princess, where you are informed about the history of the Sayn-Wittgenstein family.

The palace also houses a business school and a restaurant. We didn't take the tour today, we will be checking it out later as well as the butterfly garden. After the walking tour we got on the bus and rode all over town and back. Now we know where to find all the restaurants, the bank and the fun places to visit. :-) We look forward to exploring this beautiful town as well as villages all along the Rhine River. Check back later for more from this awesome part of Germany.

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