We bought unlimited train tickets for the month today ..

Wowser flowers at the train station in Koblenz..

One more...

We hopped on and off all day in several towns..

One of many castles we saw today..

We loved this hotel and restaurant in Spay..






I think we will enjoy this beautiful village..

It was a short walk back to the train...


Boppard, with two more castles on the hill..

This beauty was in St. Goar..

Check out this campground on the Rhine...


More views from the train...

We got off in Oberwesel...




Another castle, they are everywhere... :-)

Last one, back in Koblenz, we took the bus back home...

We had a fun day riding the train. We finally found out the best way to travel in Germany. We had read about so many different packages online, we met with a lady right at the train station and she told us about the senior pass. We paid 65 Euros each, we can take any bus or train for the next month anywhere we want to go. We hopped on and off the train all day.

Our first stop was to the tiny village of Spay. We wanted to check out the area where we rented our apartment for the next month. We loved the village, it is surrounded by mountains and it’s very close to the Rhine River.

We had a great lunch at one of the local hotels and then sat outside and enjoyed the view. They had some sort of roller skating contest going on, we watched them arrive and listened to the crowds screaming as they made it in. They also had a band playing music right across the street, it was fun to watch.

After Spay we got back on the train with stops at Boppard, Rhens, St. Goar, and finally Oberwesel. We had about an hours wait before taking the train back, we enjoyed the view and took more castle pictures along with more awesome churches etc. We are planning a train hopping trip the opposite way on the next ride. They gave us a map showing all the places we can visit with the pass, we have a lot of places along the rivers to explore. Check back later for more from this beautiful part of Germany.

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