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It was still dark at 7:10 when I went outdoors this morning, to begin the process of hitching up for our trip to Kerrville.

The plan was to leave the resort right at 8:00 and we were only a few minutes late getting on the road again.

We drove in Rain for about an hour and then on wet highways for the next couple of hours after that. Needless to say, the truck, rv, and car are filthy dirty.

We made good time until we arrived in Fredericksburg where we found ourselves behind a house being moved down the highway.

It was slow going as the house took up both of the two lanes of highway. We were ok with the activity, and enjoyed watching, being only the third vehicle behind the house. Then we came to the construction zone where there was only one lane for traffic.

We were amused as the construction workers ran from orange cone to orange cone, moving them for the house to overlap the construction work on one side as it rubbed against the bushes and tree limbs on the other side.

This fun caused us to arrive at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort at 1:30 which was only 20 minutes later than we had hoped.

We were set up next to Steve & Cathy by 2:30 and drove to Bill’s BBQ for something good to eat. They gave us samples of the Cabrito (Goat) which was very tasty, but I selected the baby back ribs while Marilyn chose the pulled pork.

We were all hungry and our plates held no left-overs when we finished.

We sat together on our patio with a cold drink, happy to be off the road after six days of travel.

Being really tired, we all went our separate ways to get some rest.

We have plans for tomorrow, to get the cars cleaned up and drive to Alamo Springs for one of their wonderful hamburgers.

Life is Good!

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