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According to Plan A, today was the day we were going to leave here and head north, preparing for a cruise across the Atlantic to Europe. Plan B has us staying here about three more weeks. According to the news conference today, the president feels that in one more week all this sheltering in place and social distancing will come to an end and we can resume normal life. We wish we could believe him, but all evidence says otherwise. People hope that the approaching warm, humid weather will lessen the virus' lethality, but I read that now that things have loosened up a bit in Singapore, the rate of new cases has increased there. It's hard to think of a hotter, more humid country. Ken was able to push back our motor home service appointment, but now I am reading that our motor home manufacturer has decided to close for a few weeks. Maybe that was a bad idea. It is located in Indiana, a state that has just shut down, but our service call is in South Carolina, a state that seems like it may not come to the same conclusion. Plans C, D, and E will follow.

We're glad that we missed the 4' snowfall we had at home last night, but it has melted already. It still feels safe here. Only a handful of cases have been identified in Broward County. The FL governor is worried that people from NY and NJ are going to come here to escape the raging epidemic there and bring it with them. Passengers from these areas are supposed to quarantine themselves after they get here. Like that's going to happen.

As we live our quiet lives, my mind wanders back to my new teacher days, when I was assigned to supervise the in-school suspension room. Naughty students spent the day there, not allowed to communicate with one another, expected to work on homework all day. I would only be there an hour before I returned to my classroom. That hour lasted forever. In contrast we think about our nieces who are trying to work at home while entertaining and teaching their children. They have much too much to do, while the time drags for us. Nothing is fair about any of this.

Our hearts go out to all the people who are really suffering from the pandemic. It's hard to see from this vantage point, but I hope that we can learn a lot of lessons about how to offer health services, how to value the work of the truckers, grocery store personnel, medical professionals, how to level the huge discrepancies between rich and poor, etc. etc. Something good has to come of this.

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