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Utah turns out to be a treasure of bones, scrapings and markings from up to 650 million years ago, when it was covered by water. Slowly over the many years, due to natural climate change, many small fish and snails began to grow, and this through evolution became the enormous dinosaurs that we can see the remains of today in this museum. This was an actual farm, and the Johnsons decided to bring in heavy machinery, to cultivate the land. During the start, it was noticed that marks under the soil had scrapings, and some bones, along with arrow heads. The plowing stopped and scientist were consulted, and their findings were digging down through different layers, many millions of years of information were showing themselves. This museum was built directly on the field, so that further study and preservation can be achieved. The many photographs in this collection were manly from on top if the undisturbed soil, and from the dig down. Please enjoy some of what I saw in this visit.

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