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A chilly 37 degree start to the day but BEAUTIFUL!!!

Nothing says peaceful like cows grazing in the morning

Oh my goodness, new friend Penny and Hayden brought us breakfast this...

Thank you Penny and Hayden!! You are amazing! this was delicious! the...

Early morning views on the road to Riggins, Idaho

I couldn't stop taking pictures as the morning fog hung in the...

We raced the Salmon River downhill to get to Riggins Idaho first...

The Salmon River is running very high

We are in the adventure headquarters of Riggins, Idaho. Very friendly small...

Riggins is as wide as a river, a road and another block...

I just love the hills . . Mountains? .. .that border either...

Riggins, Idaho

We woke up . . .that was a great sign that we actually did get some sleep despite last night's exciting weather! I think the wind calmed down at some point, woke us up again but by then I guess we were too tired to care and fell asleep! I just know that we were nice and dry, so grateful for the roof overhead and had great confidence in how well our tent handled the wind!

It was a bit chilly 37 degrees, compared to the comfortable high 50's of the past few days. Still very warm in the tent, we forced ourselves to move and eventually unzip the tent and look out. Low hanging clouds, but no rain and the ground was nice and dry around us, even the tent was dry! That is the first thing I check because I hate rolling up a wet tent!

Went about the daily morning camping routine of packing up, and what a surprise!!! Penny and Hayden showed up at 7:30 in the morning with breakfast for us!! Hot breakfast tortillas, fresh fruit and my favorite delicious HOT coffee!! I haven't had HOT coffee in a camp site since we left! How amazing is that?? Penny and Hayden thank you so much!! It has been so awesome to meet you and I am sure we will meet again in the future! Breakfast was so delicious!!

All packed up and ready to hit the road we got ourselves prepared for the downhill race in the cooler temps! Dressed for the challenge we layered up with gloves, jackets under other jackets, leggings . . . And we were READY!! We were at 4,300 ft and would lose altitude fast . . . Well that's how we interpreted the topo map! Wrong again! there was elevation to be lost but not right away or as fast as we thought, and when we finally did start to drop dramatically we had to fight a head wind and pedal a great deal of the way.

But it all worked out! Temp was perfect, it did not rain and we reached Riggins easily where we had previously decided we would stop and re-evaluate today's destination.

That didn't take long! Mike enjoyed the most delicious meat loaf sandwich for lunch at The Rock Cafe in Riggins while we checked our options for the day and night. Rain in the immediate forecast and the only place ahead for us to find shelter is a BLM primitive campground within any distance we can easily reach today. After last night's experience I will be the first to admit I do not want to take a chance and end up camping in the rain because it doesn't just rain here . . .well what ever that word is for rain that comes down in torrents, I am not prepared to sleep in it without the use of an overhead shelter! Go ahead, call me weak!

So we have decided to take a chance and stay in Riggins for tomorrow and wait out the rain, and then we should be sweet!

Good night everyone! thanks for checking in!!

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