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We've not done much the last couple of days, due to laziness and the weather. Yesterday was foggy and cool until afternoon. Today, it's been the wind. I spent part of this afternoon making a somewhat healthy small applesauce cake (unsweetened apple sauce, Truvia sugar, no butter). After supper tonight (the local grocery had nice lump crabcakes), we walked over to the far end of the river trail, planning on going the entire length of it before dark. Just as we entered the path, we spotted one of our friends and her dog, crouched down. She "shhh'd" us and pointed to a tree down the path, close to the river. It was then that I mentally kicked myself for not having my good camera with me. Perched in that tree (about 50 yards away from us) were two adult bald eagles! We've never seen them down here before. After a few minutes, they both flew off over the water. Their wingspans were easily six feet across! We kept walking along the river and saw that the great white egret had returned! It was dusk by then, and he was fishing for supper. The goldfinches have also returned to our feeder. The gang's all back except for the cedar waxwings. I think these bird sightings today are signs that winter is over for Kerrville.

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