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The sky at Ely, Neveda this morning. Looks like snow!

This is a migration bridge for the deer in Nevada $$$

The two lane road for today, in Nevada

Vegas, part of thefreeway that they call the spajetti bowl!

Spikes new rock wall, second one from the water

A rainbow over the lake

A frequent visitor to our house!

Well it was pretty chilly last night at 28 degrees. The sky in Ely, this morning looked ominous. Kind of like snow. But we are moving on toward warmer weather. It is supposed to be 78 degrees in Vegas, so we are dressing warm this morning and have laid out shorts and t-shirts for later. Underway at 0830 for a 6.5 hour day of traveling.

No one sent me any guesses for what kinda of weird things we packed this year. Well I guess I better tell you...We packed an oriental rug that used to be in our dining room at home. Spike said if it didn't fit, I was going to have to sleep with it. (that is his standard submarine sailor answer to me). The rug is for the casita. It fit in the pass thru storage compartment under the RV. But the hands down strangest thing we packed is.. the rototiller!

Ely is at 7000 feet. Hiway 6 out of Ely is in great shape as it is brand new, as is Hiway 318. Only a two lane road but much better than the interstate. It was a pretty quiet trip today. A few big trucks and RV's but all in all the trip was easy. Even going into the Vegas spaghetti bowl went really well.

We arrived at Needles, California about 1500 with an 18 mph wind pushing us in. It was a long day, so we are glad to park. Now I get to call favorite thing to do. I was on hold for a little over a 1/2 hour. Punjab promised to fix me right up. Foolish me, I believed him. We are still waiting...No local channels. Spike said we have plenty of taped stuff on the DVR to watch, so I didn't call him back.

So since I have good internet here in Needles, California, I added a few pictures that I had wanted to post on Monday. So we'll call it throw back Thursday. A few photos from home. Thank you to everyone who has emailed me,i will catch up with you when we are parked in Yuma And Thank you for all your prayers for our trip. We should be in Yuma tomarrow. Only a 3 hour day, hopefully!

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