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Sheep Shearing

Hi there.

This entry is about my stay in Invercargill on the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand. Invercargill is a small'ish city, but it is a city none the less, about 2600 km from Antartica... Very windy and cold at night. The locals are proud of being from the deep south and their accent is slightly different from the rest of NZ, they roll the R's a lot.. :-)

I stayed at the Southern Comfort hostel, it's sort of a converted old house, very cosy and nice place. One thing I don't get is that living this far south does not mean that the houses are insulated or have any form of central heating. I had 12 degrees celcius in my room at night - THAT IS COLD! -

Finaly I found an electric heater and got my feet thawed, but I still ended up with one sick day. Too bad.

The reason for my stay in Invercargill, which is not the most interesting city, was that I thought about going to Stewert Island. But it would cost me around 150 dollars just for the transportation, so in the end I decided not to go.

That is about it for my short stop in Invercargill.

Next stop, Te Anau :-)


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