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Union Station

On the Tour Bus

Reflected Washington Monument

Illuminated Lincoln Monument


Alabama Vietnam Vets

World War II Monument

Capitol from National Mall

Lunch with Pooja

Cherry Hills is one of our favorite campgrounds. There is a great bike path a mile up the road and there is easy public transportation to D.C. Unfortunately, Sue’s bursitis is acting up and her walking activities are limited.

That didn’t prevent Sue from socializing. I was sitting at the computer in the Phaeton when she came through the door announcing, “We have company!” She was followed by eight Chinese folks who were staying in the campground. Sue had invited them in to see the coach. They were on a fourteen-day tour in two small motorhomes and were here celebrating the graduation of the young woman who was the only one who spoke English.

I asked the young woman if she had graduated from the nearby University of Maryland. She replied no, and wondered if we had heard of Penn State. We found that amusing as did she when she learned that I had graduated from there fifty-three years ago.

Although our options were limited by Sue’s bursitis, we were able to take a night tour of the capital. The tour made stops at the Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, King, Korean War and Vietnam War Monuments. I returned to those sites the next morning on a solo trip into Washington.

I had a surprise opportunity to have lunch with a former student of The Academy in Irving when Pooja S (It’s been too long for me to remember her actual last name) saw Sue’s picture post of the Chinese group and realized that we were in D.C. where she had a meeting. Pooja was the first former student that I have seen since leaving Irving in 2004. It was a real treat to catch up with her and learn about her career since high school. She is a dedicated person who contributes to society while pursuing a successful marketing career.

Today we move further north to Alexandria, PA to see Aunt Shirley and Uncle Allen.

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