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Carpe Diem at the Indian Creek Campground

For a short distance US 6 is an expressway

We drove thru more small towns

We crossed into Ohio on I 90

Lake Erie

Sun, 19 Jun: A state change...

Earplugs are wonderful things. With the proper kind (we use Mack's® Ultra Soft). Our parking spot at the Warren PA Wal*Mart was right off US 62, but once those earplugs were in it was quiet!

We awoke around six when it got light. It never cooled down much below 65°F, but since we'd cooled down the coach by running the air conditioners, an open window and running ceiling fan kept us comfy.

Up and about, fed, checklists complete, Sandi rolled wheels at 0838. First leg—0.8 miles! We stopped at a nearby Sheetz station to add 12½ gallons of diesel. We'd last filled in Virginia because Pennsylvania is very expensive. While New Jersey's diesel prices are very good, there were no stations in the area that can accommodate Carpe's forty plus feet. The gauge showed less than ¼ tank left, and it was more than 100 miles to the nearest Ohio truck stop. So, we bit the bullet and added $35 dollars worth of insurance.

Once filled Sandi threaded Carpe thru downtown Warren to US 6 west. For a few miles US 6 was a four lane divided expressway, but quickly reverted to its more normal two lane form. We continued west until we took PA 97 to US 19 and eventually Interstate 90 south of Erie. Nineteen miles later I 90 crossed into Ohio and we exited at the Ohio Welcome Center where we did not get a replacement for our well-worn Ohio map. We did, however, take a lunch break.

Back on the Interstate Bob continued west to Ashtabula where we added 77.3 gallons of diesel at a Pilot/Flying J truck stop. With our RV discount the price per gallon was $2.489, a 28¢/gallon saving over Pennsylvania prices. Had we not added the dozen gallons in Warren we would have still had about nine gallons in the tank, but that's a tad too close for comfort

After Carpe's fill we headed north some six miles on OH 45 to OH 531 west to Geneva-on-the-Lake. We are at a 50% discount Passport America park with electricity to run the AC units as it is in the high eighties.

Today's drive was 119 miles with an overall fuel economy of 7⅔ mpg.

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