2015/16. ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA - End August 2015 - travel blog

Roy has tried after my efforts failed, to load more photos, as we have lovely ones from Ronda with the market, and our walks, and the castle village, but no can do, so we'll continue to try to add to a new page but for now, we'll "publish" this, as we leave here in 4 days and are busy cleaning and packing due to the fluffy stuff being a complete pain...read on for more...

On the Friday we took a different route into the Spanish countryside, ending up at a huge ancient castle with a village inside the walls. Castellar de la Frontera is the new village that was created when there became to too many people to live in the original castle, Castilla, and is a fairly modern bland town. After driving thru there, you come to a narrow winding road up to the old Cattle and village within. There are a few bars,a good hotel, and a couple of craft shops; and the prettiest cobble streeted village anywhere....you can touch the tiny houses on each side of the oh so narrow streets as you walk along. Geraniums in pots everywhere, purple and pink bouganvilla mixed in with apricot trees and honeysuckle. The scent of the flowers is amazing, each corner you turn there's a different flowering shrub, or a huge tree with giant lilies hanging down, overpowering the other scents. We were there early, before 10 am so it was deserted; apart from a little girl in her first communion dress, oh, so pretty, with her proud parents, dressed up in Sunday best, and bored brother, having portrait shots taken, at every "beauty" spot we came to. We had a drink at the hotel in the tiny cobbled square, and a look into the craft shop, with gorgeous handmade glass, wire, and leather jewellery before walking back to the car.

Blue at Su's again, so we went for another walk near Casares, this time it was hotter, and I remembered my walking pole + hat. We climbed out of the village, up a decent track, quite high up to the "Mirador", to find the statute of the goat we could see from way below wasn't a statue, it was real, along with about ten others, had commandeered the shelter and picnic table, so as we had watched the previous evening - honestly - you couldn't make this up - a film called "The men who stare at goats" !!!! - so we stared back for a while, took a few photos, then got back on our way....up a dreadful path,a dried up stream bed, big rocks and loose gravel, until we reached a concrete road, then we followed that thru woods, up and further up, passing some gorgeous villas and beautiful views along the way. Then the road began to descend until we reached the main road, at which we turned left, still away from Casares, until the markers told us to get off the road again behind a cafe, and down we went, so far down I dreaded the climb back up to the village....eventually that's exactly what we did, another exhausting 4 hour walk, about 10kms, but worth it for the lovely lunch again in the Casa Curro. Back to collect Blue and collapse at home for the evening....oh no, I was accosted outside and told I had to go to the quiz.. That was an effort, we came third again and good fun.

The next weekend came around and again Blue went to Su's....so little time left here now, we want to make the most of it.. So this time our walk was Sunday, starting again in the village of Casares this time retracing our steps down hill as we'd come back to the car...when we got to the same cafe we went straight on this time, new territory, and climbed up again thru open countryside and farms heading west of the village. The road became a path, then abruptly a bad track, another dried up stream bed, which went steeply down, so many different wild flowers and thistles bordering the narrow track until we got to the river, which we had to cross, with water in it, and mud, and no bridge, just a rock or two, and a wobbly log. Got our trainers very wet and muddy, and I over balanced got my hat muddy too! Onward again up a slippy muddy path until that became a proper concrete road again.....only 2kms to go now or so the sign said.....all up hill, and steep, with the temperature over 30°, it was now 1pm, we were tired and hungry. On reaching the outskirts of Casares again, we found ourselves in a part we'd never been in, so had to ask directions for the best way to get to the car, which was fun, but we managed to understand the lady's instructions, and this time didn't even get to the car to change shoes, but went straight in the restaurant, soaking, wet feet, sweaty hair, yuk, but no one seems to care! We got thru a 2 litre bottle water and 2 cokes,enjoyed another delicious meal, with the added attraction of the chef's mum and other family members eating at the next table....not another tourist in sight, just local people enjoying taking their families out for Sunday lunch. Great. Back to collect Blue, and this time managed to collapse in a heap, after showers, with wine and music.

It's now Thursday, 9th June, still over 30° daily, and we're clearing out, packing away as much as we can. The quiz gang are having a meal tonight in the bar here, there's 10 of us including hubbies, we won a few vouchers for the bar/restaurant over the winter months, so are putting it towards a meal.

Great evening, Blue at Su's, good laugh, everyone of us leaving within the next 2 weeks.

Friday, even hotter, couldn't do much after it got hot. Had a lovely meal in Duquesa, early evening, then home to wine and music outside.

Tomorrow we're going to attempt to clean the Lady outside and awning + roof, which will be hard work as this ****** tree has been a nightmare for the past month. Not only do we now have yellow sticky buds, but small branches of pods, loaded with pollen, like dandelion puffs but in ginormorous proportions, they're in our food, drinks, net door curtain, blinds, shoes, computer bits, and our carpet looks like it's snowed for weeks. Yes, we hoover outside every day, it takes over 3/4hr, but while this has been going on its as bad after another hour as it was before. Yes we've complained but the management say they can't do anything, the trees are protected. We've no idea what type they are, ideas anyone? We could have moved pitch, but we thought it can't keep this up, it will get better, but it hasn't. So as we're going in a few days we've put up with it. We won't be here this time next year, Roy has booked a Morocco trip on 1st May, Blue will go to Su's for the 3-4 weeks while we explore it's coast, the mountains, Fez, Casablanca, Marrakech and the Sahara desert. And no more fluffy bits.... Bfn xxx

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