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Well we've had our first disaster on the trip! Viv doesn't trust the water that is stored in our onboard water tank & pumps up through the taps, not for drinking anyway, despite the fact that we boil it for tea & coffee. No, we have to have a couple of 4/5ltr plastic water bottles that she fills up & stores separately to use for drinking water. One of those was a nice little collapsible water container that we bought at a motorhome show last year. Well somebody, no names, left it outside the Ladies toilets this morning after filling it up & forgot to pick it up after she came out. So when we stopped for our morning coffee break we were a bottle short. Oops!

Apart from that disaster we had a pleasant drive up from the South Eastern tip of Italy, now really heading homeward. The weather was dull again but the wind has died down & only a few light showers along the way. I had stored some caches along our route on my phone so we did stop a few times along the way but only managed to log two as the others were either too far off the road, or missing, or we just couldn't find them.

I had decided to stop today at a town called Alberobello. I saw it mentioned on a TV programme before Xmas & it looked interesting. It's claim to fame is the little round Trullo houses, they really are the most picturesque little buildings. Our guide book quoted as follows:

Unesco World Heritage Site Alberobello resembles an urban sprawl – for gnomes. The Zona dei Trulli on the western hill of town is a dense mass of 1500 beehive-shaped houses, white-tipped as if dusted by snow. These dry-stone buildings are made from local limestone; none are older than the 14th century. Inhabitants do not wear pointy hats, but they do sell anything a visitor might want, from miniature trulli to woollen shawls.

Our site for the night was right beside the Zona dei Trulli so we parked up & then wandered around the narrow streets, a kind of fairyland, a real pleasure. Even the church at the top of the hill had the same beehive features. A marvellous place.

To round off the day we ate at a little pizzeria in town having our usual margarita pizza & calzone.

Mileage today - 145

Total Mileage to date - 3,296

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