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I'm sure our niece will agree that there's nothing better than gathering all the family and friends whom you know and cherish to celebrate the beginning of a new life together with her true love. Many of the people who attended her wedding celebration this weekend came from as far away as Alaska, the Ukraine and Asia. Even for those who only came from Los Angeles and Miami, lots of time and money were invested in coming to the party. Their presence was much appreciated. On Saturday many came to an informal drop in BBQ in the back yard of our niece's new home. This gave us a chance to meet the groom's family, warm and interesting people who will blend in well with the bride's family. Some had participated in the 10K run over the Cooper River bridge this morning and were more than ready for the hamburgers and hotdogs in addition to lots of veggie friendly fare. The weather has been unusually cool, but the sky was bright and in the shelter of their backyard, the sunshine felt wonderful. Their home is a few blocks from the water and we've heard that it can be plagued with no see'ums, but the bugs knew how important this weekend was and they all stayed away.

On Sunday the formal affair took place in Alhambra Hall overlooking the Charleston Harbor. The party had many traditional elements - drinks and appetizers, a wonderful dinner, a beautiful cake festooned with flowers, a Dj playing music that represented many facets of the bridal couple's lives - the Jewish hora, a Persian dance, the salsa beloved by the bride and many of her friends and lots of familiar American tunes. Since the wedding took place in November and only involved immediately family, a slide show let us see the actual event. My favorite part of the evening was the toasts. Special people who had long and unique relationships with the bride and groom rose to reminisce, tell funny stories and speak from the heart. This went on for quite a while and had the potential to become tedious, but each speaker was so genuine and brought unique comments to their part. By the end all aspects of their lives had been covered and we were reminded how lucky we were to know the new couple. It was heart warming and brought a tear to the eye. A wonderful weekend.

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