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This morning I attended the first DAR meeting in many months. Our speaker today was Lt. General Dave R. Palmer (retired). He gave an interesting talk about the four pillars on which this country was formed, as found in four verses of “America the Beautiful”. He has written several books.

I had to leave the meeting a little early because I was expecting an RV technician to service my furnace. It turns out that there wasn’t anything wrong with the furnace but that I actually needed propane. Apparently there was just enough propane left in the line to light the water heater when I tested it yesterday. Grrr! He switched the propane over from the external tank to the on-board tank until I could get a refill. As soon as he left I called the propane deliveryman, who promised to bring a new tank early tomorrow morning.

Martha Boswell came while the technician was here. She helped me with my laundry chores and put clean sheets on my bed. That’s very difficult for me right now. Even before the surgery it was a major undertaking.

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