My 2014 Retirement Trip Hawaii travel blog

Our host for lunch, Mr. Rudy Bongolan, and a coconut splitter

Demonstrating how to split the outer shell of a coconut

Getting ready to split the nut of the coconut (note machette in...

Getting to the meat of the nut

Had tasty examples to try - not sweet like store-bought

Grating the coconut


A green coconut almost fills the container with coconut water

A taste of the coconut water - it had a slight coconut...

What else can we do with coconuts? - rope, up leaves to...

Quilt done in honor of the Sugar Mill

Intricate embroidry on the corners

A sampler quilt by local women learning to quilt

A coconut ukulele - he provides the coconut another man makes the...

They raise chickens

They propogate plants for sale at the Saturday market

View from the farm (which sits right at coastline) toward center of...

They raise a lot of their own food

This is where we ate lunch our first day on Molokai. It was right on the coast and we could watch for whales (no pictures, though). They raised beautiful flowers, which I will post when I can.

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