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Saw lots of Angus cows with calves along the road. All looked...

Sunflowers - miles and miles of them. Really pretty.

This is what you don't want to see - half a house...

Welcome Home!!!

Our site on Lake Oahe. Beautiful, peaceful. But expensive.

Sunday: Sunday was watching all the people go home. For some reason they have a very late exit time (3 pm) and a lot of people stayed to the last minute. Some, however, had left before dawn. Guess they had to get home and milk the cows.

In the afternoon we went for a ride to Pick City for some ice cream. It wasn't that good. And they didn't have any really good flavors. Then we took a ride over that dam and did a bit of reading up on how they built it, etc. It was built in the late 40's and you could tell that labor was more expensive than when they had built the Fort Peck Dam (30's) as there were less decorations and more pre made components.

Monday: Monday was the day we had to control the trailer ooze. I washed dishes and got thing a bit cleaned up and ready for the road. We made some fantastic slow cooked port ribs in the toaster oven. I mixed up a dry rub with brown sugar, Slap yo Mama (Cajun spice), cummin, paprika, black pepper, celery salt, and, of course, garlic powder. They were pretty good.

Tuesday: A funny thing happened on our way to the park in ND - we ended up in SD.

The park in ND was a hilly pasture with spots mowed for us to park. The only thing there was a fire pit (which we don't use.) We couldn't get level, there was no Verizon service and it was WAY out in the boonies where I didn't feel safe.

So we headed down the road near Mobridge to a park on the Oahe Lake.

The SD park we are in was only 85 miles away and we headed there. It is not a COE park but a SD park so it costs a lot more.

We will be here for probably 2 nights and then head for the next COE park on the Big MO.

Tired now as it is almost 6 and we don't usually travel that late. No lunch so we are hungry, too.

PS: We have decided that in the scale of things this place isn't that expensive. So we will be staying a week. If we didn't - our schedule would be all off and we wouldn't have a secure place for the Labor Day Weekend.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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