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Leaving Strasbourg, we heaqd further south into France to Colmar ( The countryside is very different now from that of the Black forest area - broad flat valleys are the order of the day now. Evidence of snow falls still dot the fields, and the temp is still below 5 degrees. However, the sun is out so the drive is quite pleasant.

Colmar is a largish town with the ubiquitous "old part" of the city. It seems every town in Europe has an "old" part to it. Kind of makes our "old" parts of our towns seem downright modern.

After settling into our hotel we headed off for an exploratory walk (noting all the possible eating places for supper). We stopped at a tavern/brassiere for some coffee and lunch. You couldn't have got one which seemed more French. Groups of people sitting around talking animatedly and gesticulating, couples sitting in the corner talking quietly, staff wandering around quietly attending to patrons needs. If you closed your eyes you could imagine John Paul Satre and Ayn Rand sitting at a table and talking of revolution.

Then it was down into the old part of the town. Guess what, it must be Xmas. There are lights and decorations everywhere; and in every square there is a Xmas market, selling everything from decorations to clothes to chocolate to hot food. Just amazing - wish we were spending more time here.

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