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A double load of short logs going down the highway

And here comes a train!

We think this is South Dakota's brand of snow fencing

You wouldn't believe the story behind these 2 deer. Not sure the...

This is a beautiful Welcome Center

Petrified wood

A puma!!

Bob and The Sundance Kid

Today we backtrack north to Sundance, Wyoming where we’ll stay for a couple of days before dropping down to Lusk, Wyoming. Nice drive over the same highways we took on the way to Devils Tower. Pulled into the Mountain View Campground around 2:00. We’re sort of perched on the side of a hill which doesn’t make me real comfortable. I’m afraid if there’s a strong wind, we’ll get blown right down the hill! Bob put additional chocks behind the wheels to appease me. The owner of the campground said they’ve had quite a few cancellations since the government closed Devils Tower today. I don’t want to get political here but some of these closings are nothing but a ploy to affect and inconvenience as many Americans as possible. The only government personnel at Devils Tower are the ones that work in the store (as is the case in many national parks). Furlough them but leave the park open. I’m glad we visited while we could. I was thinking about The Badlands National Park. They can’t close the park, really, since that’s a state highway that runs right through it. Hmmm, wonder how that’s going to be handled. They can’t keep the people who live in Interior from getting to their homes.

Went into town to do some exploring (and geocaching) and got a picture of Bob sitting with the Sundance Kid!! Checked the weather report when we got back to camp and saw that there’s a winter storm warning for this area with strong winds. I think I’d like to leave here tomorrow and head south a bit…into Nebraska. I’m having a little trouble with the altitude anyway so…..See you in Hay Springs, Nebraska!!

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