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Brookings, OR - Driftwood RV Park - site 96

Brookings, OR - Driftwood RV Park - site 96, another view

Brookings, OR - Driftwood RV Park - site 96, we can see...

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 0 - our route - 45 miles

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 1 - the ocean looks a little...

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 2 - it's a little sunnier just...

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 3 - rut-roh, hopefully it just a...

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 4

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 5 - the Smith River

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 6 - lots of lily fields around...

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 7 - we didn't visit this one

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 8 - finally out of California!

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 9 - arriving at the campground -...

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 10 - one of the sidewalk bears...

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 11 - another one

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 12 - and another

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 13 - and still another one

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 14 - the Brookings Lighthouse

Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR 15 - NYC isn't the only place...

Shrader Trail 1 - the Rogue River just east of Gold Beach

Shrader Trail 2 - the gravel road extending about two miles from...

Shrader Trail 3 - some large, very tall Douglas Firs along the...

Shrader Trail 4 - many of the old cedars in this grove...

Shrader Trail 5 - A chipmunk along the trail

Shrader Trail 6 - the moss on this shrub show how damp...

Shrader Trail 7 - none the worse for wear after a mile...

Shrader Trail 8 - on the way back we found this young...

Shrader Trail 9 - then it took to the air

Shrader Trail 10

Shrader Trail 11 - and then came back to the nest

Shrader Trail 12 - surfer trying to catch a wave where the...

Shrader Trail 13 - and does

Shrader Trail 14 - the Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge over the Rogue...

Shrader Trail 15 - a view of the towers at each end

Shrader Trail 16 - just a few gulls around

Myrtle Tree Trail 1 - whoopee, another gravel road for Libby

Myrtle Tree Trail 2 - the Myrtlewood Tree is unique in that...

Myrtle Tree Trail 3 - they can also be very tall

Myrtle Tree Trail 4 - one of the wildflowers along the trail

Myrtle Tree Trail 5 - the largest known Myrtle Tree in Oregon

Myrtle Tree Trail 6

Myrtle Tree Trail 7 - you can see the several tree trunks...

Myrtle Tree Trail 8 - a closer look at its base

Myrtle Tree Trail 9 - it really is very large

Myrtle Tree Trail 10 - Doris wouldn't believe this bench was level,...

Myrtle Tree Trail 11 - the one lane bridge crossing the Rogue...

Myrtle Tree Trail 12 - a big pow wow going on near...

Myrtle Tree Trail 13 - actually just advertising!!

Myrtle Tree Trail 14 - a nice view of the Rogue River

Oregon Coast 1

Oregon Coast 2

Oregon Coast 3

Oregon Coast 4

Oregon Coast 5

Oregon Coast 6

Oregon Coast 7

Oregon Coast 8

Oregon Coast 9

Oregon Coast 10

Oregon Coast 11

Oregon Coast 12

Oregon Coast 13

Oregon Coast 14

Oregon Coast 15

Oregon Coast 16

Oregon Coast 17

Prehistoric Gardens 1 - looks like Libby is a goner

Prehistoric Gardens 2

Prehistoric Gardens 3

Prehistoric Gardens 4

Prehistoric Gardens 5

Prehistoric Gardens 6

Prehistoric Gardens 7

Prehistoric Gardens 8

Prehistoric Gardens 9

Prehistoric Gardens 10

Prehistoric Gardens 11

Prehistoric Gardens 12

Prehistoric Gardens 13

Prehistoric Gardens 14

Prehistoric Gardens 15

Prehistoric Gardens 16

Prehistoric Gardens 17

Prehistoric Gardens 18

Prehistoric Gardens 19

Prehistoric Gardens 20

Prehistoric Gardens 21

Prehistoric Gardens 22

Prehistoric Gardens 23

Prehistoric Gardens 24

Prehistoric Gardens 25

Prehistoric Gardens 26

Prehistoric Gardens 27

Prehistoric Gardens 28

Prehistoric Gardens 29

Prehistoric Gardens 30

Prehistoric Gardens 31

Prehistoric Gardens 32

Prehistoric Gardens 33

Prehistoric Gardens 34

Prehistoric Gardens 35

Prehistoric Gardens 36

Prehistoric Gardens 37

Prehistoric Gardens 38

Prehistoric Gardens 39

Prehistoric Gardens 40 - a live specimen at the end of the...

The trip from Klamath, CA to Brookings, OR was another quick ride of about an hour. We did manage to give the Mothership a big gulp before heading out so she shouldn't need another drink until we get to Washington. We are staying at the Driftwood RV Park right on the harbor drive which is a pretty large park that stays mostly full. We have a 50 amp full hookup site with good Verizon and a clear shot to the satellite.

Monday, we headed for the Shrader Old Growth Trail about 35 miles away in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest east of Gold Beach. It was a moderate trail due to all of the ups and downs but otherwise a nice walk in the woods. It was about 15 degrees warmer 10 miles from the coast than on the coast so we were even able to work up a little sweat. It was also a very scenic ride all the way there and back.

Tuesday we attempted to see some more of the coastline but were thwarted by the fog all day. It normally burns off by 2:30-3:00 but not that day.

Wednesday we headed back to the same area of forest to walk the Myrtle Tree Trail. The Oregon Myrtle Tree is a very unique tree in that it has a large base from which several trunks grow. The trail itself was straight up a mountain with bunches of switchbacks to make it possible for us of lesser physical abilities. At the end of the trail was the largest know Myrtle Tree in Oregon: 88 feet tall and 46 feet in circumference with a canopy almost 70 feet wide. They estimate it to be about 700 years old. Then of course you get to jam your toes down into your shoes on the trail back down the hill!

After hiking the Myrtle Tree Trail, we headed back to US 101 and went north a little ways to the Prehistoric Gardens. This was a walk through the rain forest with all of the dinosaurs displayed in actual size with their names and characteristics on a placard. It was nicely done and a good ending for the day. There are 40 pictures so if you are not interested in dinosaurs, you may want to skip them.

Thursday we spent the day doing laundry and getting the Mothership ready for the trip tomorrow which will find us headed for Bandon, OR.

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