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After we packed the RV for travel, we stopped at the camp pavilion for all you can eat pancakes or biscuits and gravy before departure...YUMMY! The trip took us through Custer, to interstate 90 to Buffalo, Wyoming. Then began the most tedious part of our journey. It was a winding road that went from 4500 ft elevation to 9666 ft in only 30 miles. Harry had to stop once to let the engine cool! He decided to press on in 1st gear and no one said a word till we got to the top We did see snow capped mountains in the background and some beautiful mountain views A collective sigh of relief was made when we got to the summit and we could all talk again. Harry is as calm as they come and the truck was a beast hauling all that weight up! Now was the time we were very glad we had an engine brake to help us down the other side. It too performed beautifully. Did run into road construction part way down and THAT takes on a whole new meaning in Wyoming. There was no concrete or blacktop of any kind...just dirt and gravel for 5 miles!! We said it was practice for Alaska. We ended the mountain driving into Bighorn Canyon for some of the most beautiful rock formations, cliffs, and picturesque mountain stream views we have seen to date! Now it was close to 3 and we were more than ready to eat lunch! We found local place in Ten Sleeps that had great food: Ribs for Harry, Shrimp for Dad and Grecian chicken salads for mom and I. The town was named by the Indians for how many nights of sleep it took them to ride from Casper and one other town to the north to there. The rest of the trip was grasslands or brush and up to 102 degrees. Glad we had the 50 amp circuit as it took BOTH air conditioners a while to cool the RV!! Not so hungry at dinner time so we just went to the local dairy for Frozen yogurt/ice cream. We now have cable TV and Internet so relaxed with those and caught up on our journal.

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