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Sites at Swan Valley

After a quick trip “down town’ to Midland for a few essentials we ended up at the Chocolate Factory for Luncheon. The meals we were unanimous about, they were very nice. Not a peppermint cream to be seen but guess who is getting some dark choc ginger for Father’s Day??? Someone I know bought a HUGE freckle....

It’s always interesting to watch the free samples at these places. Here there are 3 huge bowls with dark, white and milk choc buttons in each with a teaspoon to lift out a “sample” for consumption. I had 3 or 4 “serves” just to ensure I had taken a representative sample but some others obviously live of the chocs there, one family came in the door and made straight for the samples shovelled teaspoonsful into their mouths then tried to surreptitiously slip some into their pockets, resumed my seat and they having had their fill left…

Across Swan West Rd a sign offering free wine and cheese tastings was too good to resist so we ducked down the drive and sampled some nice Wine and Cheese, the wine was interesting, one bottle carried the spiel “ This Wine goes well with nude sunbaking, add a dozen oysters and a sunset – heaven”. We negated on that option instead chose a wedge of the Cheddar as the cracked pepper Cheddar was not available…..

Diverted to Whiteman Park on the way back for a look around prior to Friday’s meet up with WA Baby Boomers. It’s a big place and of course I got lost trying to find my way out, Giles was of no use, he just wanted to go to the closest road….

That basically was the day….

Tomorrow Gracie is going off to doggie day care and play with some other hounds and we are going to Perth by electric train for a day out….

Official complaints have been made re the state of this park, strewth its bad news, trip hazards everywhere and no dump point, how can it be 3.5 stars?

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