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beautiful scenery not so beautiful towns

El Alto

first view of La Paz

La Paz from above

La Paz

Liz at the top

half way down

Nearly there

heading down town

from Yana

street stalls

BANO = toilet - surprisingly not too bad

Witches market - yes llama fetus's

cute? no idea what they're for


cloisters, San Sebastian Cathedral

San Sebastian Cathedral

internal garden

up in the bell tower

from the roof of the Cathedral

cathedral roof

1Christopher Colombus

wall mural

another demonstration

note the police presence on the right

just creepy

transvestite Bolivian!

q not so busy street

Canning, Em, Mat and Vince (Vin Diesal)

me, Ian, Jeremy, Mollie and Kim

Vin, Sabine, Ann, Rachel, me

Anki, Ross Nadia (from Mamacita)

Sarah, Stu, Sue-anne, Kat, Zoe, Liz

dinner with flame

normal street scene

from a lookout

another church

street scene

Errol, Stan, Juan (Mamacita)


On the lookout

sharing with Zoe three beds but only two of us

its tiring just sitting there

local woman

not sure how they keep the hats on!

our hotel was covered in murals , this in our bedroom

street stalls

love the hats


street markets

llama fetus in the witches market






Not a very interesting drive day. Came through a few very ordinary looking towns. A couple of people on the truck not feeling too well . got to El Alto which is the biggest city in Bolivia now consisting of a very unattractive area of mean looking houses and industry. this area has built up on the plain above La Paz and there are many native people moving in there. As we were driving there was an audible gasp from all of those looking out the window when we got our first glimpse of La Paz truly amazing. Stopped for photos before descending into the city which sits in a "bowl" surrounded by the high mountains of the Altiplano and is some 400m lower than el Alto. Overlooking the city is towering triple-peaked Illimani, which is always snow-covered.

Booked into our hotel really nice the best we have stayed in this trip although the hot water is still and always will be an issue as their electric hot systems are quite strange to use.

the city is set on the two sides of the valley so the main street runs along what was once a river.. this is now underground and carries most of the sewage so to get anywhere that is not parallel to our hotel we either have to go up or down and quite steeply.

Down get to the main areas and the witches market very touristy but fun to wander and I have done just a bit of shopping if the stuff I've bought ever gets home Cass will have a great time unpacking it.

Most of the shops sell alpaca and llama clothes and stuff all very much alike and there are also lots of silver shops must say I've enjoyed it. i would really like this city if |I could just get my breath. took little Di for a walk downhill all the way and when it was time to come back she had to stop about every 10 steps to get her breath so hailed a cab for all of $3 much easier and then went back out on my own.

Had a really good dinner at a fusion restaurant Asian or curry and for about $15 or maybe less had two good courses and two drinks. this is definitely the cheapest place we have been in South America. Our hotel is costing $18 a night with a good breakfast.

Did a city tour today on a red double decker we were the only three on it. But it was a good way to see parts of the city we could not possibly have walked to and then back to the witches market for more browsing.

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