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How I came upon it

Son of a famous fur trader

might have been an above-ground grave!

old pail next to headstone

a marker I can't get to

a third gravesite that belongs to Permilia Pace

a 4th gravesite- I can't get to that either

I walked out to see the Green Dragon plants (pics in the May 9 entry because that's when we found them) with a pair of loppers to cut back the brambles in the path. I was standing there listening to all the birds around me when I saw a faded path back into the woods. Brice brought me here to show me an old graveyard but the path ended and we saw those green dragon plants. I walked carefully, cutting briars as I went, always on the look out for snakes.

In a little bit, I started seeing periwinkle or myrtle growing and that's a sure sign of a graveyard nearby because that's what they planted around them back in the day. There was a little clearing and a big rock to stand on and that's when I saw the grave marker that is of present day design! After clearing out some brush and limbs, I could see the name and take pictures.

When I got back, I looked up that name to find out that Tim DemonBreun was a French fur trader who moved to Nashville, TN from Canada. He had a wife and a mistress and a whole bunch of kids. There is a street in Nashville named after him! Felix was one of his kids who had 10 kids of his own. He died on December 5, 1868 and is buried in Edmonton County (which is where we are at). This is exciting stuff! I told Lillian about it and she gave me a job if I want it to go out and find graveyards, get the GPS coordinates for them, and take pictures of the graveyards! This is one of them!

I did go back to this graveyard a couple of days later to get the GPS coordinates and saw three other gravesites with modern markers. I could get to one of them and found that it belongs to Permilia Pace, wife of F.M. Pace. When I got back and reported this, I was shown a map of the park when it was in the planning stages and found the mark of the homestead of F.M. Pace in the neighborhood. How exciting this is!

I won't go out on these hot, humid days, and I won't go far off a real trail alone so I don't know that I'll go out to find too many old graveyards that probably have little stones and are overgrown with trees down and lots of poisonous stuff to contend with! But I was sure proud of myself for finding this one!

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