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Whenever we stay in a larger campground, we see lots of golf carts. They are not inexpensive costing upwards of $3000 and you need a trailer to bring them from home. Walking or riding a bike around the campground would be a more healthy choice and the carts require maintenance and upkeep just like any other vehicle. But they are popular nevertheless, especially with campers who stay at the same park for months on end. We have a friend who had knee replacement surgery and she was very determined not to get too dependent on a golf cart. She knew folks who used them so much they lost their muscle tone and could barely walk any more.

But on a much more positive note, golf carts provide a great way to celebrate the holidays. When we were still in the Valley the campground celebrated Valentine's Day with a golf cart parade. We were still finding Valentine heart candy on the ground the next day. And here the carts were decorated for Mardi Gras providing us with yet another opportunity to catch necklaces and candy. People spent the morning attaching purple, green and gold decorations to their carts laughing and yucking it up. The parade was scheduled to begin at 4:30 so of course, we course we could hear the cart drivers honking their horns at 4:20 as they passed by our motor home. Geezers arrive at everything much too early, every where we go.

There's something about being retired that is liberating and it sometimes feels like many of us are having fun returning to the freedom to play that we enjoyed as children.

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